bca_intro.jpgFounded in 2002, Blue Cow Arts is a public non-profit in support of increased social awareness through music, art and cultural education. In an increasingly and perilously homogenous culture, BCA supports diversity through event promotion, cultural exchange opportunities, and by hosting and providing a forum for musicians, artists, educators and advocates of sustainable living and cultural preservation.

Based in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Floyd, Virginia, BCA seeks to support innovative grassroots cultural efforts and movements, including the 4-day FloydFest, showcasing the wealth of local music, crafts and customs in the Floyd, Virginia area, alongside musicians, dancers and performance artists from all corners of the globe. 



As a Floyd -based non-profit, Blue Cow Arts has an interest in working within our local and regional community to initiate dialogue, spark awareness, and cultivate an understanding and appreciation of our collective cultural heritage –its interesting similarities and its beautiful diversity. BCA achieves this by raising funds through its own operations and from the generous support of grants and donations, and using these funds to present a variety of annual programming, including:

BCA in Central America!

In 2011 FloydFest promotor Kris Hodges travelled with filmmaker Erich Woodrum to the heart of the Garafuna culture in Belize, doing outreach in the Garafuna Children's School, and recording thoughtful conversations with Garafuna cultural leaders and ambassadors, including musician Paul Nabor and producer Ivan Duran. The Garafuna are a cultural jewel, their tradition and music laced with history and meaning, their heritage persevering despite persecution and challenging odds.

Blue Cow Arts asks for your help. We are soliciting donations, 100% of which will go directly to the Garafuna Children's School, in Dangriga, Beliza, for programming and simple provisions, enabling the continued education of Garafuna children in the context of their own culture and community.

Donations can be sent to the office of Blue Cow Arts at PO Box 243, Floyd, VA. We'll send you a letter confirming your tax-deductible donation.


The annual music and arts festival FloydFest, at which BCA joins forces with the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities to present the finest gems of Appalachian musical heritage on the Workshop Porch. Performances over the years have ranged from the forlorn accapella of Reverend Frank Newsome singing from his true life experiences as a Virginia Coal Miner to the 14 year old fiddle prodigy Montana Young, with a whole lot in between.



Cultural Exchange Opportunities with Musicians Beyond our Borders

In 2002, BCA travelled to Ghana, Africa, and initiated a one-year host-community program with the Nii Tetti Tettey & the Kusun Ensemble and a three-year program with the African Showboyz, and worked to create cultural ties that enabled unique and fruitful collaborations with well-known Western performers and eager audiences across the country.Since then, Blue Cow Arts has worked with local production company Across-the-Way Productions to bring to the FloydFest stage musicians from the world over, from Louisiana’s very own The Savoy Family Band to Belize’s foremost Garifuna performer, Andy Palacio. 

Reaching Out

Reaching out to advocates and spokespersons for social awareness, personal healing, environmental education, and personal transformation.

This 2010 season Charles Eisensteinwill visit Floyd to speak about the evolution of the human self and community culture, and BCA and the Against The Stream Foundation will sponsor a series of Dharma talks on meditation and personal transformation. :: click here for dates :: The Rock the Earth Foundation returns to FloydFest as a BCA partner, working within the music community to advocate for improved sustainable living practices.





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